Motabei  WebTrack

State-of-the-Art Web-based GPS Vehicle Tracking System

For a single car or a huge fleet, Motabei  WebTrackallows you to monitor your vehicles and know what they’re doing at all times. From any Web-enabled computer, you can track your vehicles in real time and find out their current speed, location, and direction of travel. And with WebTrack’sremote-control features – such as door lock/unlock, engine shutoff and geofencing – you’ll never have to worry about driver error or malfeasance. WebTrack’s advanced design allows you to group vehicles by region, generate reports, receive alerts – in short, everything you need to keep track of and manage your valuable autoMotabeive assets.

Reduce Overtime & Labor Costs

With Motabei  WebTrack, you’re able to monitor what time your employees started, when they arrived and when they left each stop throughout the day. How many kilometers did they drive? How long did they idle? Were they speeding? Did they drive into an unauthorized area or stop at a non-scheduled location?

Auto Alerts

Once the system is set up, it virtually manages itself. You’ll receive automatic alerts of all events in the field, from route deviations to speeding, dispatched instantly to your email or cellphone. You can also generate reports on a regular basis to provide a detailed snapshot of your drivers and vehicles in the field.

Get All of these Reports:

·    Start/Stop, including dates/times/location/duration

·    Route deviation

·    Aggressive driving

·    Excessive idling

·    Vehicle mileage and operation

·    Speeding

·    And much more…

Plus all of these Features:

·    Remote vehicle control, including door lock/unlock and engine shutoff

·    Geofencing – for setting up geographic boundaries

·    Enhanced Interface Design, with customizable themes, and multi-level data view and refresh rate

·    Advanced GUI

·    Page tools – Print, Copy, Export, Email, Help, Favorites

·    Support for multiple languages

·    Intelligent Text Dashboard – General counts, Alerts Panel, Zones, Geofences and Parking Area

·    Trip management

·    Maintenance and Emergency management

·    Mail and notifications module

·    User account and privileges module

·    SMS Call OTA management

·    Search engine

·    MS report generator