Saudi Post, the national postal service of Saudi Arabia, wished to improve the efficiency of mail delivery and offer users electronic services to help them track deliveries. The new system had to be campatible with the exisiting Mail Delivery Management System (MDMS), be Web-enabled and easy to use for tracking, monitoring and analyzing, and provide a user-friendly interface for both residents and mail deliverers.


Motabei created an integrated AVL solution utilizing Intermec CN3 hand-held terminals (HHTs), which read the Intelligent RF Tags fixed inside post boxes. Through the HHT, the postman is able to:

·         Establish proof of delivery by electronic signature or 2D image

·         Confirm delivery to the correct post box by capturing the ID from the RF Tag

·         Register post box defect or damage

The GPS component of the system is used both to help with routing and to track movement for monitoring purposes. Features built into the system allow for such functions as:

·         Finding the location of the vehicle or postman at any time

·         Estimating delivery time

·         Optimizing and recalculating routes, if necessary

·         Alerts regarding speed or geographical limit violations

All information regarding cars, personnel, vacation time, expectations management, mail types and historical data management are taken into consideration in this system. In using the latest technologies to improve efficiency and enhance postal procedures, the Wasel project has resulted in:

·         Lower costs

·         Faster delivery times

·         More productive postman performance

·         Accurate information for residents about when to expect deliveries

·         Improved fleet performance, through preventive maintenance alerts