Specializing in fleet services, Motabei develops customized hardware and software solutions to meet individual clients’ tracking needs. In addition to providing vital fleet traffic information, such as the exact location, speed and direction of each vehicle, our packages also include:

Remote vehicle control Door lock/unlock – in case of forgotten keys, keys locked inside vehicle, or to facilitate guest access. Engine shut-off – protects against theft or serious driver error, and limits engine idle time.

Geofencing Allows for set up of a restricted area for drivers (inbound or outbound), sending alerts if driver goes outside of limits.

Messaging center Provides unlimited two-way messaging and/or preset message capability (e.g., “confirm delivery”) through a user-friendly interface. Detailed reports show message receipt and reply, as well as time and subjects. More cost-effective than cellular phones.

Detailed monitoring
For operations and logistics management, tracks and reports such variables as average speed, mileage, fuel consumption, policy violations.