The Motabei AUSTROLAB is a full-featured GPS navigation system that can guide you through unfamiliar areas, suggest alternative routes, and perform an array of infotainment functions. Unlike many systems on the market, AUSTROLAB’s capabilities also include:

Intelligent Automatic Reroute If you change your mind or miss a turn, IAR quickly recalculates and updates your route, finding the optimum path to your destination.

Clear, Easy-to-Read Route Preview List Navigate the road with total confidence by previewing your route before you go. The Route Preview List displays each direction, including the distance for each leg of the trip. You can then display the full route and scroll to see the instructions for each section graphically displayed on the map.

Powerful Search Engine Find restaurants, ATMs, cafés, hotels, malls, etc. from a database of over 10,000 points of interest (POI) across KSA. Search by category, name, or both. You can start your search from your current GPS Position, current POI, Favorites List, or other starting point.

KSA Zip Code Search Engine
It's easy to find friends’ homes – just enter any zip code combination to initiate routing.

Special Features
Multi-language, voice and visual instructions, GSM functionalities, weather status , prayer time, QEBLA direction, MP3, and much more…